Huda Barakat

Huda Barakat Harith al-miyah

Harith al-miyah

Dar Al-Adab
Sprache: Arabisch
1. Auflage
Paperback, 180 Seiten
ISBN 9789953895017
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Levan­te­saga, Geschichte der Stoffe, Liebes­ge­schichte, Bürger­kriegs­roman - Huda Bara­kats dritter Roman ist schwer­lich auf eines dieser Etikette zu redu­zieren. This spell­bin­ding novel narrates the many-layered recol­lec­tions of a hallu­ci­na­ting prota­go­nist in deva­s­tated Beirut. The deso­late, almost surreal, urban land­s­cape is enri­ched by the unfol­ding of family sagas of Niqula Mitri and of his beloved Shamsa, the Kurdish maid. Mitri remi­nisces about his Egyp­tians mother and father who came back to settle in Beirut after a long stay in Egypt. Both Mitri and his father are textile merchants and see the world through the code of cloth, from the inti­macy of linen, velvet, and silk to the most imper­sonal of synthetics. Shamsa in turn relates her family saga, the myriad adven­tures of her parents and grand­par­ents who moved from Iraq Kurdistan to Beirut. Haun­ting scenes of pastoral Kurds are juxt­a­posed against the seden­tary deca­dence of metro­po­litan resi­dents. Barakat weaves into her sophisti­cated narra­tive shreds of scien­tific discourse about herbal plants and textile crafts, customs and manners of Arabs, Arme­nians, and Kurds, mytho­lo­gical figures from ancient Greece, Meso­potamia, Phoe­nicia, and Arabia, the theo­sophy of the African Dogons and the medieval Byzan­tines, and the histo­rical acco­unts of the crusades in the Holy Land and the silk route to China.