Rabai Al-Madhoum

Rabai Al-Madhoum As-Sayyida min Tel Aviv

As-Sayyida min Tel Aviv

Sprache: Arabisch
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Paperback, 327 Seiten
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The Lady from Tel Aviv. Rabai Madhoun tackles the Arab/Pales­ti­nian-Israeli issue, focu­sing on a pivotal time of anxiety and suspi­cion, with tensions on the point of boiling over. The novel's prota­go­nists are Pales­ti­nian exile Walid Dahman, who is retur­ning home to Gaza after many years in Europe, and Israeli Dana Ahuva, who happens to be sitting next to him on their flight into Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion Airport. Their dialogue takes the reader into the far realms of memory, history and the self. The Lady from Tel Aviv is a novel that, in its comple­xity, intri­cacy and ambi­guity, avoids the dogma of ready-made ideo­logy.